BuildPT Case Study

About the company

A startup digital marketing agency that focuses on digital marketing products and services for outpatient physical therapy clinics.

Overall goal of the business was to extensively grow ARR and sell within 5 years.

I hired Jesse at BuildPT to grow our boutique physical therapy marketing agency from startup to successful exit with a SaaS software firm. Jesse led us through a successful rebrand of our agency, followed by a targeted and consistent demand generation growth initiative which resulted in a 10X increase in lead generation in his first 12-months.

During his tenure, Jesse built and led a marketing services team consisting of content writing, web design, reputation management, and digital advertising, establishing us as a nationwide leader in the physical therapy space.

Additionally, Jesse helped us grow a grassroots networking event of target prospects to over 2,000 events across all 50 states and over 10 countries through his creative approach to digital marketing, social networking, and targeted digital advertising. This creative approach to reaching our target market catapulted our online and in-person brand awareness in a differentiated manner that created defensible space between our firm and our nearest competitor.

Through Jesse’s leadership, we achieved extensive revenue growth while increasing profitability, expanding our product portfolio, and retaining the team necessary for our success. Jesse helped us position for a successful acquisition by a leading SaaS software firm in the therapy space which we would not have accomplished without his leadership, innovation, and dedication to extremely ambitious growth goals.​

Tannus Quatre
Founder of BuildPT

The Challenge

BuildPT was a startup digital marketing agency that focused on digital marketing services for outpatient physical therapy clinics.

The company was being supported by another business (Vantage Clinical Solutions). Despite having opportunities within a growing market, the business was not profitable and lacked growth since it was originally founded in 2012.

The owner was occupied with his other profitable and growing business and did not have the bandwidth to lead BuildPT into a strategic and profitable direction.

The Solution

Jesse McFarland was hired to be the general manager of BuildPT in late 2016. The first thing he did was to make the company more efficient with its services by turning them into scalable products so they are easier to sell and manage. Further, he limited the products to Websites, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, and PCC. Then, he bundled these products into easily sellable packages.

To grow the business, Jesse created a demand generation engine by utilizing thought leadership through content marketing. This included extensive blogging, social media posts, email marketing, press release distribution, and webinars based on themed topics. 

Further, he identified reputation management as a strong opportunity within healthcare. BuildPT pioneered a solution for this product and branded itself as the best agency that truly understands physical therapy while building credibility for its customers by increasing online reputation.

"Our goal was to build our database and warm up our contacts with the best content within the industry and encourage them to come to us when they are ready to buy."

The Results

BuildPT became the fastest growing agency in the physical therapy market within two years.

  • ARR increased 1200% between 2016 and 2018.
  • Maintained a low annual churn rate 10%.
  • Excelled company goal by selling the business in two years. (Net Health Oct. 2018)
  • Brand existed within Net Health until it was rebranded in 2020.
  • Product offering expanded in other Healthcare markets: skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, hospice, wound care, and hospitals.
BuildPT Revenue 2016 - 2020
DMS + BuildPT Product
BuildPT Products Sold @ Net Health in 2019