Case Study: Saas Company

About the company

A SaaS company that provides EMR, data, and other digital products and solutions for Healthcare organizations.

Net Health purchased BuildPT in 2019, the department grew extremely fast but stalled during the pandemic. Recognizing a need in the market as well as higher growth potential, a pivot was needed.

Case Study: Saas Founder Patrick Colletti
Patrick Colletti
Founder of Net Health

The Challenge

The digital marketing product line (from BuildPT) was a fast growing department within Net Health. However, marketing the products are very different from SaaS, which made it difficult to sell across all markets. At the same time, EMR competitors were gaining ground on Net Health by providing patient retention solutions with their products. Further, the COVID 19 pandemic caused outpatient clinics to shut their doors and/or cut expenses, which caused revenue to stall for Net Health in 2020.

In summary:

  • Not all Net Health sales people were selling BuildPT products.
  • New competitive solutions from EMR competitors.
  • COVID 19 halted revenue in 2020.

The Solution

Jesse McFarland pivoted from marketing product solutions and initiated a SaaS concept that can be sold as a Net Health EMR add on. Jesse led a team of engineers and proceeded to build the product in 2021. Net Health launched Patient Engagement Marketing Suite in 2022.

The Results

The Patient Engagement Suite:

  • Is actively being sold by all Net Health sales teams.
  • Is a competitive solution to Net Health’s biggest competitors.
  • Is the fastest growing product in the company and has been granted more resources to expand the product line in 2022.

"Due to the pandemic, 2020 was my worse year with demand generation. Yet, it ended up being the best year of my career. I foresaw a future problem for the company, came up with a solution, and then presented it to the Net Health Executive Team. They approved it and granted me the resources and funding to build it."